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How wood is transformed into a work of art

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Stories of the making of three amazing sculptures including detailed photos. Each has a unique approach to its creation. Click on the stories below to display the process. Images in the stories can then be clicked on to zoom them in closer.

Works In Progress...

Bill has been producing some wonderful new sculptures that are not included in the book. Images, videos and progress reports on these new works will be featured soon!

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Bill Heynen - Woodcarver / Sculptor - Bobcat_thumb


Our friends, Bob and Sue Delgado, showed me a photograph Bob had taken of a bobcat prowling around their backyard pool near the San Gabriel Mountains in La Verne, California. We agreed it would make a great scuplture. Using his picture as a base, this figure emerged. They now enjoy the stealthy bobcat on a daily basis.

Bill Heynen - Woodcarver / Sculptor - Elephant_thumb

Roaming Elephant Herd

When a friend removed a Walnut tree from his backyard, he offered me a Walnut Wood Burl. To be disease resistant, English Walnut is grafted onto a Black Walnut base. After the 1000 pound Black Walnut Wood Burl was removed from the ground, a tractor pulled the wood wrapped in chains down the street & pushed it up a driveway pad. The irregularity of the burl suggested the idea of a large Freeform Sculpture.

Bill Heynen - Woodcarver / Sculptor - Wolf_thumb


Narra Wood from the Philippines was imported to furnish a new home in Colorado with exceptional doors, mantles and floors. The excess wood was made available to me. Because this hard wood has a unique color and grain structure, a design concept involving a prowling wolf came to mind.